As a person raised in an education-minded family and having trained to teach as well as being a parent, I have read with keen interest and concern about the Jordan School District split. When I read of attorneys and arbitration, I feel real distress over the financial strain this will put on the new and remaining district. Surely those making this decision can come to a consensus one issue at a time with the interest of all students in mind. What a shame to use money allocated for children's education to pay attorneys.

In the early 1990s when Jordan School District was preparing to put West Jordan and Alta high schools on year-round schooling, we formed a group of concerned parents in our city and joined forces with a group of parents in Sandy to study, share information and seek a better alternative. Through much effort, study, meetings and presentations, the district listened. It not only listened, it organized seven committees to study every aspect of the district's needs and developed a 10-year plan. Parents, community leaders, teachers and district personnel were involved. To this day I marvel how well these committees worked for four months to prepare their findings and recommendations. The result, an effort to educate the public with those findings at each high school and an opportunity for the public to vote on whether or not to bond for new schools, needed repairs and changes within the district.

I realize the district split was handled very differently, and I'm not exactly sure who is involved in the decision-making process at hand.

I hope they would look at Jordan District as a whole, an entity that has experienced much change since its creation in 1905. It may seem to the east side that they have paid for much of the west-side growth. Years ago it was the west-side Kennecott Copper money that paid for a large portion of the east-side growth.

Let's look at the contributions of both sides of the district. Let's look at the district as a whole while meeting together and work this problem out with thoughtfulness and concern for all the children of this district. Stop talking about attorneys, regroup, make allowances, move forward with a spirit of cooperation and make decisions for the future that will best help and promote one another. All of the children and youths in your stewardship are worth it!

Arliss H. Winder of West Jordan is the mother of five sons who attended Jordan District schools.