Chile: Plane with 10 missing

SANTIAGO — A small airplane carrying 10 people is missing after taking off from an airport in southern Chile, officials said Saturday.

The Cessna 208 Caravan was carrying nine Chilean passengers and a pilot.

Congo: U.N. sees improvement

KINSHASA — The U.N. Security Council on Saturday praised Congolese President Joseph Kabila's vision for the country while urging a key rebel group to disarm and participate in talks to bring peace to the war-ravaged region.

During an hourlong meeting with Kabila at the Presidential Palace, Congo's leader told council members that the military situation in the east is already improving, France's U.N. Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert said.

Egypt: Sudan rejects demands

CAIRO — Sudan rejected demands Saturday to hand over a Cabinet minister and a militia commander indicted on charges of crimes against humanity in Darfur.

State Minister of Information Kamal Obeid was responding to a new call by the International Criminal Court prosecutor for Sudan to hand over Ahmed Harun, a Cabinet minister, and Ali Kushayb, a militia commander. Both are accused of organizing a system to recruit, fund, arm and command a militia that terrorized villages in the western Sudanese region.

On Saturday, Sudan's official news agency, SUNA, quoted Obeid as saying the ICC was playing a "political role that has nothing to do with the law" and accused it of complicating peace efforts in Sudan.

Iraq: Car bombings kill 6

BAGHDAD — A suicide car bomb and another car packed with explosives targeted Iraqi police patrols Saturday on opposite sides of Baghdad, killing at least six people, police said.

The suicide attacker rammed into a police patrol midafternoon in Nisoor Square on the capital's west side, killing a civilian and a policeman, police said. Another five people were wounded.

The other explosion took place nearly simultaneously across town at a crowded bus stop where passengers were lining up to catch rides to eastern Shiite neighborhoods, though police said the target was the passing convoy of a top Iraqi police general. Four people were killed and 18 wounded.

Peru: Fujimori well after surgery

LIMA — Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori is recovering satisfactorily after having a cancerous lesion removed from his tongue, his doctor said Saturday.

Dr. Alejandro Aguinaga said a study conducted on the removed lesion showed it was cancerous, not precancerous as doctors initially said.

Fujimori is recovering well following Thursday's surgery, Aguinaga said. The operation forced the suspension of the ex-president's trial on alleged human rights abuses. The trial is scheduled to resume on Wednesday.

Venezuela: Chavez vs. Bush

CARACAS — President Hugo Chavez said Saturday he wants to work together with the next U.S. president and that Venezuela and the United States should cooperate to resolve problems including world hunger, energy shortages and climate change.

But Chavez also warned that George W. Bush "will be much more dangerous during the last months that he has left" in the White House and accused the outgoing U.S. president of attempting to orchestrate his assassination or spur a military rebellion in Venezuela.