Michael Brandy, Deseret News
Detective Mike Smith, center, and others investigate an area Friday where a woman's body was found.

LITTLE DELL RESERVOIR — Investigators say watershed workers preparing for a kayaking festival on Saturday made a dark discovery when they happened upon the body of a woman submerged in the water.

Investigators called the woman's death suspicious as members of the Salt Lake County sheriff's major crimes unit hiked to the body's location to find more clues Saturday afternoon. Watershed workers discovered the body up Little Dell Canyon Creek, about 100 yards from the mouth to Little Dell Reservoir, said sheriff spokesman Paul Jaroscak.

The woman is said to be a young adult, but detectives had not yet identified her as of Saturday afternoon. Detectives have little detail about the circumstances of the woman's death, but Jaroscak said there were some suspicious things they are looking into. Among them is that the woman was found wearing "street clothes" and dressed in a manner not consistent with the mountainous area where she was found.

Jaroscak said Friday night witnesses preparing for the nearby festival reported spotting a man and a woman leaving the area where the woman's body was found.

Dive team members and medical examiners spent time at the site along with detectives.

"The death was not reported by anyone, and we didn't have any witnesses, that makes it suspicious," Jaroscak said.

So far there have been no reports of missing persons, and detectives were planning on checking nearby campsites. They were also waiting for kayak festival patrons to leave the area to determine if any vehicles appeared to have been abandoned.

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