Seven more years to live and counting, and Jeff Warren is riding to tell about it.

Warren completed treatment for late-stage head and neck cancer seven years ago. Statistics say patients who are diagnosed at Stage IV have a zero to 25 percent chance of surviving five years.

But for Warren, it isn't enough to simply go on living.

Beginning Monday, Warren and five companions will be setting out to ride 667 miles through Nevada and Utah to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute where he received his treatment. They will begin in Reno and complete their ride on June 14 at the cancer institute.

In six previous rides, Warren has raised more than $55,000 for research into causes and treatments for cancer. Each participant in the ride will cover his own expenses, so that 100 percent of money earned will go directly to HCI.

Warren keeps a list of people who have or have had cancer in a seat pack on his bike.

"It's my way of paying homage and respect to those with whom I feel a special camaraderie," said Warren, "and my way of sending a message to this damnable disease that we're not going to stand idly by doing nothing. Rather, we're going to do whatever is necessary to destroy it."

Individual contributions in support of Jeff Warren's Seventh Annual Ride from Reno can be made by check, payable to Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and mailed to Jeff Warren, 147 E. 400 South, Centerville, UT 84014. Or, donations may be made online at, specifying "Jeff Warren's Ride From Reno."