HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — An auction house is set to sell off maps and photos that were slated for the Wild West museum once planned for a town in central Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed collected about 10,000 artifacts in hopes of creating the museum. He later had to scrap the idea and is now selling many of the pieces to help pay off the city's staggering nine-figure debt.

In November, the city collected about $1.4 million when it sold off items such as a Gatling gun and a Wells Fargo coach.

This time around, the items consist mostly of photos, maps and other documents that will be sold at Heritage Auction's showrooms in Dallas on Friday.

To buy the items, Reed tapped an account at the Harrisburg Authority, which owns the city's utilities. His expenditures were approved by officials he had appointed.

Altogether, Reed shelled out close to $30 million over 15 years.