Sen. Hillary Clinton will not be vice president. Barack Obama has already conveyed the message that he would love to have her on the ticket because she has been such a worthy adversary and they would make such a formidable team. Oh, and by the way, Sen. Clinton, he will need the list of donors to your husband's presidential library and records of the financial activities of his foundation to vet you and your husband, like any other vice presidential candidate. It ain't gonna happen.

Even if Bill Clinton gives up the info, he won't pass the vetting because neither he nor his wife is going to be in charge of this thing — Obama is. And all indications to me are that he is a wise man of integrity. Not perfect, but willing to correct mistakes and avoid most of them. We have learned by sad experience over the past two administrations that the president has all the power to get away with exactly everything he can get away with.

Our system of checks and balances has broken down.

Grant L. Vaughn