SAN ANTONIO (AP)— In a sign of the changing face of American Catholicism, a 41-year-old of Mexican descent who grew up in Houston has been ordained the nation's youngest Roman Catholic bishop.

More than 1,000 people inside St. Mark's the Evangelist Catholic Church applauded the promotion of the Rev. Oscar Cantu as an auxiliary bishop of San Antonio, the equivalent of an assistant.

"This is our holy calling, my brother," Archbishop Jose Gomez said during his homily. "Are we worthy of it? Hardly. How could anyone be? And yet still he calls us."

The Rev. Cantu grew up at Holy Name Church in Houston, where he returned as pastor to help run the school he once attended. He speaks four languages and taught at a Houston-area Catholic university.

Before his ordination, the Rev. Cantu described himself as "a moderate conservative" — moderate on social issues, conservative on doctrinal issues.

"Above all, I call myself Catholic," he said. "I believe what the Catholic Church teaches."