Title: "Dawn, Dusk or Night: A Year with Nicolas Sarkozy"

Author: Yasmina Reza

Translators: Yasmina Reza and Pierre Guglielmina

Publisher: Knopf

Pages: 200

Price: $23

In a nutshell: Yasmina Reza, a prolific and famous French playwright and novelist, decided that spending a year with Nicolas Sarkozy as he campaigned for the presidency of France would be revealing. Oddly enough, Sarkozy agreed to allow her to be an inside observer, and then he unexpectedly let his hair down. He allowed the visiting playwright to see him in every possible mood, from exhilaration to depression, from vitality to fatigue. She was in on what she saw as cynical planning sessions. She listened to his opinions of numerous political figures. And Sarkozy didn't insist on approving her manuscript before publication. The result is both a terribly interesting inside look and an exceptionally well-written portrait of a charismatic, explosive French politician. Reza's most interesting discovery? Sarkozy rarely spends any time reading.