WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton and likely Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama met privately Thursday night to talk about uniting the Democratic Party, an Obama spokesman said.

"Senator Obama and Senator Clinton did have occasion to meet this evening," said Robert Gibbs. "It's the end of the primary process. They wanted to talk about bringing these campaigns together in unity."

Gibbs would not say where the former rivals met, except that it was not at Clinton's home in Washington, as had been widely reported.

Reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair might when they arrived at his campaign plane after an event in Northern Virginia and he was not aboard.

Asked at the time about the Illinois senator's whereabouts, Gibbs smiled and declined to comment.

Obama on Tuesday night earned the 2,118 delegates he needed to secure the Democratic nomination. Clinton planned to announce Saturday that she was bringing her campaign to a close and supporting Obama.