LEHI — Roaring engines and screaming fans will occupy Lehi for a time, but nearby residents won't have to worry about too much noise at night.

The Lehi City Council unanimously approved a temporary permit Tuesday for a motocross facility near Thanksgiving Point. The facility will be north of the SpringHill Suites.

Officials with Thanksgiving Point and the track builder initially approached the council several weeks ago, but council members wanted city staff to make sure the correct zoning was in place and that the facility would be compatible with other city ordinances.

Adam Petersen, chief marketing officer for Thanksgiving Point, told the council Tuesday night that the track would be used for two yet to be determined days in June and also for two days in July, August and September for separate motocross competitions.

Thanksgiving Point is taking noise into consideration, and will not hold events at the track after 8 p.m. in an effort not to bother the hotel visitors and neighbors, Petersen said. Competitors also aren't allowed to start their bikes until they're on the track about to compete, so even though there will be several hundred competitors, only about eight bikes would be running at a time, he said.

City manager Jamie Davidson suggested the City Council grant a temporary permit for the track, which falls in a resort community zone that allows for sporting facilities. He said he and his staff felt that it was far enough away from neighborhoods that the noise wouldn't bother the residents. He added that the temporary permit would allow the city to accommodate the track and keep the city's requirements intact.

Council members repeatedly said they appreciated Thanksgiving Point and wanted to support the organization as long it is in compliance with city ordinances.

"If we can work in a partnership, I would like to see us do whatever we possibly can," said Councilman Johnny Barnes. "I would like to see us take that approach to coexist and work together. I like the plan and would encourage us to continue on."

Councilman Stephen Holbrook added that the sport is family friendly and it can be enjoyable for spectators and keep the needs of the other community members in mind.

"I'm very excited about this," he said. "I'm all for it as long as you continue to support the guidelines to make this a temporary thing."

The facility will be fenced and only used for competitions and not for everyday recreational use, Petersen said.

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