Robert T. Barrett, painter, muralist, illustrator and art professor in the department of visual arts at Brigham Young University, recently offered multiple opportunities to witness his skill as a figurative artist.

In his exhibit, "Life Drawings," at the BYU-Idaho Spori Gallery, Barrett displayed 25 sustained drawings (works completed after multiple drawing sessions) from the opening chapters of his just-released book, "Life Drawings: How to Portray the Figure Accurately and Expressively."

The book is published by F+W/Northlight Publications and is featured on several Web sites, including and Barnes & Noble.

A concurrent exhibit in Provo, at the BYU Larsen Gallery, was a bit more didactic. It featured 50 drawings, including 18 larger sustained drawings, an assortment of smaller drawings, and panels with pieces on anatomy, drapery, gridding and constructing, light and shadow, gesture and head and hands and feet.

Both exhibits ran through May.

Through July 3, visitors to the Springville Museum of Art may see Barrett's Merit Award-winning drawing, "Standing Male Figure."

In July, the artist will teach life drawing at the Mystic Mountain Workshop in upstate New York. For more information, visit