I'm thrilled to hear that we are going forward in developing and producing energy from our natural resources. Pam Miller, chairwoman of the Nine Mile Canyon Coalition, fears the energy boom may spell the end of one of the world's great outdoor museums. Mother Nature subjects this canyon to wind, sun, rain, snow and water erosion. Pam, rethink your position and be concerned with Mother Nature.

Thanks to her group, we have on our hands an energy bust that may spell an end to our way of living.

Currently, because of your group working with Congress, we have food prices going through the roof, motor fuel prices out of sight and our dollar going down the drain.

Our nation is on the threshold of becoming dependent upon the desires of foreign interests, which are not in our best interest.

The answer is go for the immediate exploration, development and production of all our natural resources to meet the current motor fuel demand.

Harold S. Neslen

Salt Lake City