I must disagree with Paul Fife's (Readers' Forum, June 4) opinion of Charles Krauthammer's article of June 1. Krauthammer describes environmentalism as a disguise for socialism. Those who doubt him should read the story of the Tejon Ranch. Recently, owners of the ranch in California were legally forced to give up almost 240,000 acres, or close to 90 percent of their land, in order to be able to legally develop the remaining 10 percent.

Tejon Ranch owners and environmentalists had been entangled in legal battles for years until this agreement was reached last month. A new wilderness preserve the size of Los Angeles sounds like a wonderful idea, unless you're the "oppressive member of the bourgeois" who has to give up nine-tenths of your land to "the proletariat" to create it.

Legally separating a landowner from 90 percent of his land under the pretense of environmentalism sure sounds like socialism to me.

Brian T. Bawden

West Valley City