A suicidal man who investigators believe purposely stabbed himself and drove off a steep embankment in Little Cottonwood Canyon was taken to the hospital in serious condition this morning.

About 9:30 a.m., a 48-year-old man intentionally drove his car off the canyon road near Tanner's Flat and came to a rest several hundred feet away. At some point, either before or after the car went off the road, the driver stabbed and cut himself, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Jaroscak.

After the car came to a stop and the man got out, he told other motorists who had stopped to assist to not prevent him from running down the rest of the hill and jumping in the creek, Jaroscak said.

When sheriff's deputies arrived, however, the man was not combative and was carried back up the hill through the thick brush and slippery slopes to the road where he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital in serious condition.

Little Cottonwood was closed while emergency personnel got the man and his car.