Are there enough days in the week?

Mary Ann Young, a hospital operations officer for Intermountain Healthcare, doesn't think so.

For her, eight days would be better. Five days would be reserved for work, one to get ready for Sunday, one for the Sabbath itself and the eighth day for resting from the other seven days.

But how can people who have to work on Sundays make the most of their Sabbath? For many occupations, such as the service industries, health-care workers, EMTs, fire dispatchers and police officers, Sunday must be another workday.

Young, a workshop presenter at the recent BYU Women's Conference in Provo, says anyone considering a career that requires Sunday work should ask these questions:

• Can I still keep in touch with Heavenly Father?

• Will work become an excuse to become inactive in the church?

• Will I be able to get spiritual strength on other days?

She offers several tips for people who must work on Sunday.

• Read the scriptures more often and pray harder.

• During work breaks, read general conference talks — and the scriptures.

• Listen to the Book of Mormon as you travel to and from work.

• Attend any meeting you can, even if it's another ward. You can feel the spirit there and be able to partake of the sacrament.

• Try to bear your testimony whenever possible.

• Listen to good music.

• Try to serve others with more kindness.

• Tell ward leaders your work situation so they won't wonder where you are.

• Read the Relief Society or priesthood lesson so you'll know what's being taught that day.

• Accept callings that can be done on other days than Sunday.

At the workshop, Young told the audience about a nurse assigned to work Sundays. Her spouse takes their children to eat lunch with their mother and then takes them to church.

Young also says people should thank a nurse, EMT or police officer who might be working Sundays. "Tell them thanks for being there," she said.

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Robert Walsh

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