David Leavitt and Chris Cannon seemed like two "Desperate House Reps" when Jason Chaffetz was positioned to win 60 percent of the delegates vote, thus eliminating Cannon from the primary. Chaffetz got 59 percent of the vote. If Leavitt and Cannon hadn't defied floor rules, Chaffetz would be the Republican candidate for the 3rd District. It is so easy to speak of honor and principles. Under stress we see what a person is really made of.

If you've seen an alcoholic in withdrawal, you can imagine the desperation Cannon manifest at the GOP convention. He was willing to do anything to get to the primary. You see, it's not what the people want, it's what the state leaders tell them they want that counts.

You might also be interested to know Cannon was given 100 automatic delegates, skimmed away from legitimate precincts.

Noel Thornley

state GOP delegate, 2008

3rd Congressional District