Keith Johnson, Deseret News
Murray Mayor Dan Snarr, left, stands with "Idol" finalist David Archuleta on May 9.

Will David Archuleta have a public homecoming Friday? No.

Plans for a charity concert at the E Center, first reported Tuesday morning, were canceled later in the day by "American Idol" producers.

David's grandfather, Jim Archuleta, said there was a misunderstanding with the contractual obligations with "American Idol."

Apparently, the Archuletas believed they had a verbal agreement authorizing a benefit concert Friday, but 19 Entertainment — the company that produces "American Idol" — pulled the plug.

"Idol" finalists are under contract with 19 Entertainment until the end of the summer tour. After the tour, finalists are free to make appearances when and where they wish. The "American Idol" tour will play two nights at the E Center July 14 and 15. Those concerts are still scheduled but sold out.

Earlier in the day, E Center confirmed the concert but said representatives were still trying to work out the details, which ultimately fell through. E Center officials declined to comment about the negotiations or the cancelation.

Tuesday morning's story posted on the Deseret News' Web site received dozens of comments from fans who were excited to see their "Idol" Friday.