OREM — Gov. Jon M. Huntsman, during a special ceremony at Utah Valley State College this morning, congratulated UVSC officials on their new energy-efficient library that will open July 1.

"It is truly remarkable and extraordinary," Huntsman told the crowd of about 50 dignitaries including UVSC officials; State Energy Advisor Dianne Nielson; Rep. Stephen D. Clark, R-Provo; and Division of Facilities Construction and Management director Gregg Buxton.

The governor said he hopes the library will be looked at as a good example of energy conservation by others in years to come. The governor's office issued an executive order in May 2006 for the state to increase energy proficiency 20 percent by 2015.

"There is no doubt in my mind we will achieve this goal," Huntsman told the group. "We have the talent, we have the tools, we have the ambition. I think we have the intellectual savvy ... and we're well on our way."

UVSC's $48 million library construction project is on schedule and within budget, according to Michael Freeman, UVSC library director.

It is 190,000 square feet and spans five floors. The structure includes myriad energy-saving aspects including high-performance glass windows that let in light but cut out heat.

"We are truly meeting the needs of the 21st Century," said UVSC President William A. Sederburg.

He led the governor on a tour of the new library after the ceremony.

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