A letter writer (Readers' Forum, May 29) expressed outrage that other drivers got in his way while he was trying to speed. As an admitted speeder, I have felt the same frustration. However, I don't feel as strongly about others' responsibility to allow me to break the law.

Speeders often feel it is an insignificant, victimless crime. My brother died at 27 because of a drunken driver. That driver's misjudgment was chemically induced, yet many sober drivers make similar misjudgments, not realizing that watching NASCAR on television doesn't enable them to weave through traffic at 90 mph.

All the folks who believe that since the left lane is the fast lane, the high-occupancy vehicle lane must be the "faster" lane, stop tailgating every poor soul who has the misfortune of being in front of you and chill out. Your right to speed doesn't trump someone else's right to be safe.

Barry Dickerson

South Jordan