If I could choose just one magical power, it would be to climb inside the minds of other people. I have a whole list of brains that Im just itching to explore.

I would start with a friend in the ward who has six children and manages to be uber-involved, shuttle kids off to swim team, keep her house clean, and laugh through it all. I want to know how she sees the day in her mind, ping-pongs from one thing to another, and manages to juggle it all with a smile on her face.

I want to climb inside the brain of a friend whose house is neat as a pin. She organizes closets for fun. I want to see if her brain contains neat stacks of labeled boxes and books whose bindings never break. She never stresses, because she never does more than she can handle, never runs faster than she has strength.

But mostly, I want to crawl through the minds of my children, excavating with a pick and shovel to understand what in the world theyre thinking when they unravel my white knit blanket to build a booby trap at the bottom of the stairs. What goes through their minds when I give them that all-knowing "Mommy look."

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