Being an inveterate punster myself, I'm the first to enjoy a good play on words. However, I question whether newspaper headlines are an entirely appropriate place for witticisms. The May 25 Deseret News could lead one to wonder whether your headline writers get bonuses for clever headlines. Do they have a contest?

Listed below are examples:

1. Blaze burn the Chicago Rush (A1)

2. Indy 500 race is revamped and revved up again (D4)

3. How Swede it is for Samuelson-led Red Wings (D7)

4. Seismic events make Utahns quake (G1)

5. Series on "obesity" full of big, fat lies (G5)

6. Gas prices fueling scooter sales (M9)

Newspapers ought to be content with "straight" reporting without trying to embellish or a clever — if amusing — spin.

Jerry Folsom

South Jordan