If you've never Googled yourself, try it, though you might not like it.

Once in a while I run the names of our family through the ol' search engine and find, for example, that one of our boys had a nominal doppelganger playing college baseball.

After we named our baby a little more than a year and a half ago, I Googled the name we chose. Yes, after.

Sure enough, there is another Walch with the same name. She's 35 and an editor for Vogue in New York. Recently, she defended a racially charged magazine cover on CNN.

And here I thought I was the Walch with the most glamorous media job.

Having the same name as someone else can be tricky, and I'm not just talking about sharing names with a celebrity. A Google Alert for Lewis Billings, Provo's mayor, sent a link to my e-mail inbox on Friday for a story in the Salina Journal in Kansas: "2 arrested on drug charges."

Apparently Salina police got a tip and pulled over a car Wednesday. The passenger in the car was a Lewis Billings, 44, who police allege had 13 grams of meth in his pockets.

This is one time Mayor Billings will be more than happy to say he's just slightly older than 44.

Time to peek in again on the Police Beat feature of The Daily Universe at Brigham Young University:

• "April 12: A female student was driving her car when she noticed that it was pulling severely to the right. When she went to take it into a shop to receive an alignment, she realized that her tires were deflated. Her tire valve wires had been cut. Police asked her if she has any known enemies, and they now have several suspects."

Those are just the ones she knows about.

• "March 26: The mother of a BYU student called the police when she suspected that her daughter's roommate stole her butter knife. The mother later called to drop the charges."

Geez, mom, what would you do if she stole the Cheese Whiz?

• "March 10: Officers responded when they received a call that an adult duck was placed in a female dorm in Helaman Halls. The officers captured the frightened duck and returned it to the duck pond."

How many BYU coeds does it take to scare a duck?

• "March 9: A male BYU student received a threatening text message indicating he would die. The student responded with a text message saying that he would take the sender of the text message with him."

The flap over whether the state should provide some funding to help seven Utah high schools offer the renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is alive and well on the state Senate's blog.

Sen. Margaret Dayton, R-Provo, has invited education researcher Cherilyn Bacon Eagar to blog about IB at www.TheSenateSite.com.

Dayton and Eagar portray the IB curriculum as liberal and as undermining the religious belief and national identity of Utah students. The majority of the comments from readers take the other side in a lively discussion.

Utah County Bureau Chief Tad Walch lives with his wife and five children in Provo, their home for the past 21 years. E-mail [email protected]