Loser: It seems absurd that grown men would abuse kittens, but the news stories just keep rolling in. First, this week police arrested a 23-year-old man in Washington City who was seen tossing kittens from a truck and running over them. Then on Thursday a crew from XL Cable, contracted to bury cable for Comcast, was spotted kicking and spray painting a kitten in West Valley City, leading to another arrest. Perhaps some time behind bars will help these fellows rethink ways to demonstrate how manly they are.

Winner: Third District Judge Robin Reese deserves praise for rejecting a lenient plea deal for an accused swindler and requiring him to pay $4.1 million more in restitution to his victims earlier this week. The case, involving Marc Sessions Jenson of Holladay, involved a set of bizarre allegations of unfair meddling involving Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who in turn denied those claims but said he had been offered a bribe. Regardless of all that, the judge stood up for the victims, which seems the right thing to do.