Three people who helped admitted murderer Marcus Lamont Crocker, who shot a convenience store clerk to death in Salt Lake City, were sentenced on Friday.

Crocker, 28, whose murder case previously was in state district court, had also been charged in federal court with a different crime: robbery using a firearm in commission of a violent crime.

Crocker asked to be sentenced in federal court on that charge and in March was given a prison term of life behind bars without parole.

Crocker admitted he killed Kang Ho Lee, 24, a University of Utah linguistics student, who was working at the Sunshine Market, 1845 S. 700 East. The killing occurred on Sept. 6, 2001.

Store video footage shows a man with a mask on his face enter the store, brandish a gun and get a plastic bag of cash from the clerk, then shoot the clerk in the abdomen, despite the fact that the clerk was holding his hands up in the air.

Meanwhile, three of Crocker's co-defendants, whom state prosecutors said had varying degrees of culpability in the murder, testified against Crocker at his lengthy 2007 preliminary hearing.

Melissa Angela Chacon, 33, Melissa Christina Caputo, 30, and Julian Treyvail Hayden, 27, all had been charged with first-degree felony murder, but pleaded guilty to second-degree felony manslaughter as part of a plea bargain.

Chacon and Hayden also pleaded guilty to second-degree felony robbery, while Caputo pleaded guilty to first-degree aggravated robbery and second-degree felony attempted aggravated robbery.

Third District Judge Deno Himonas on Friday imposed these sentences:

• Chacon (who was already in prison on an unrelated case) received two prison terms of two-to-20 years each, to run concurrently.

• Caputo received two prison terms of two-to-20 years plus another sentence of 10-years-to-life, but these were suspended. They will run consecutively if she messes up on probation. The judge imposed 72 months of probation, ordered substance abuse treatment and imposed a zero tolerance policy for any infractions.

• Hayden got two prison terms of two-to-20 years behind bars, but these were suspended and he was put on probation for five years.

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