Shhstay lowif we are extra quietwe might just catch a glimpse of one


They clicked away again. Drat! Like a shy animal, lurkers click in and out of blogs, reading the information and then clicking away without commenting. Some are multi-bloggers, reading post after post, never making a sound. It's an interesting phenomenon that comes with the anonymity of blogging.

So are you a lurker? If it's because you feel unwelcome or technologically intimidated, I suggest that you give commenting a try. Double-check your spelling and grammar, (and nicely there are spelling helps embedded in the commenting form) but then click into the conversation. Most people in the Bloggernacle welcome new opinions and threads of discussion.

Yet I don't think there is any problem with lurking, despite the negatively-toned name. In fact, because of the interactive nature of blogging, lurkers intrigue me. What causes them to keep their insightful comments tucked inside their head? For all those who comment, how many others did not? How often do I lurk in a post, consuming the post and comments but not adding my own? Lurkers add a dimension to blogging communication that is hard to track, but fascinating to think about. You just never know who is reading

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