A Fort Herriman Middle School teacher has been placed on leave due to allegations that she gave "inappropriate instruction of a sexual nature" to her health class.

The teacher, who is a veteran educator of more than 30 years, was removed from the classroom this week after irked parents brought the issue to the attention of the principal.

The teacher is said to have talked to students about how to have sex, how to masturbate and use sex toys. She also allegedly used explicit images.

Some parents in the school are calling for her termination, but Jordan District officials say they are looking into exactly what happened.

"We appreciate the parents who brought this incident to the school's attention," said Melinda Colton, spokeswoman for Jordan School District. "The teacher has been removed from the classroom ... we are in the process of conducting a thorough investigation to determine what further disciplinary action may need to occur."

She said the school's principal is meeting with parents and students in an effort to better understand their concerns.

"It is so important for parents to remember when things like this happen that they need to come to principals to get it straightened out — they have every right to expect a great education from us," Colton said=