The original Great White lineup came back together last year.

For 25 years, Jack Russell has been the lead singer for Great White. He and guitarist Mark Kendall have carried the Great White banner through thick, thin and lineup changes.

Last year, the original Great White lineup came back together, recorded a CD called "Back to the Rhythm" and went on tour. Now the band is looking to make another CD in November.

"As you can see things are going great," said Russell from Palm Springs, Calif. "It's fun again. It's fun being in a band with some of my closest friends and enjoying making music."

Russell said the band — which also features Kendall, drummer Audie Desbrow, bassist Sean McNabb and keyboardist Michael Lardie — is stronger than ever.

"It's funny," he said about a public dispute with Desbrow. "There was a misunderstanding and we never talked about it. The silence grew thicker and then resentment happened. And for five years, we didn't talk, and it got to the point where I felt he hated me and he felt I hated him."

After a while, Russell said he called Desbrow to patch things up.

"With all the time that has passed, we realized how ridiculous the situation was," he said. "And we said our sorrys and now we're making music again.

"He's like my brother. I've been in bands with him even before Great White," Russell said. "Things are going so well that I have visions of us sitting in the retirement home talking about our lives."

With that said, Russell never thought he'd be playing music, all these years.

"I'm 47," he said. "And that's a shock in itself. But when I think about it, there's nothing I'd rather do. We're going to be playing music until we decide we're done. But even then, we'll be sitting back in our retirement chairs remembering our career."

Russell said the one major challenge right now is trying to figure out a set list that truly represents the band.

"We've got a lot of songs and hits that we feel we need to play," he said. "But at the same time, we have new songs we want to play. So we'll sub them out and do different things. But after a quarter of a century, we've racked up a good number of tunes."

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