ANAHEIM, Calif. — Commissioner Bud Selig finally got around Wednesday to announcing what the rest of baseball has known for more than a year: The Los Angeles Angels will host the 2010 All-Star game.

The All-Stars will be at Anaheim for the first time since 1989, when Bo Jackson hit a 448-foot homer and was selected MVP. Nolan Ryan was the winning pitcher in the AL's 5-3 victory, and John Smoltz, the only player still active from that game, took the loss.

The only other All-Star game in Anaheim was in 1967, a 2-1 NL victory in 15 innings, the longest All-Star Game in history. Tony Perez hit the game-deciding home run off Catfish Hunter.

The 2010 game is scheduled for July 13.

This summer's All-Star contest is at Yankee Stadium, and St. Louis will host the 2009 game. Arizona is the expected host in 2011, Kansas City in 2012 and the New York Mets' Citi Field in 2013.

Selig said some progress has been made with Arizona and Kansas City, but no decisions made.

"We're getting there. I want to get today done, then I'll start worrying about the next couple of years," he said after a news conference at Angel Stadium.

Fans at this year's game in New York will pay lofty prices for tickets, which will go for from $150-$725 for the July 15 contest. Tickets to last year's game in San Francisco ranged from $75-$285.

Selig believes tickets for the game in Anaheim probably won't be as pricey as those in New York.

"I think each year will stand on its own, wherever you go and the area you go," he said. "It's a sensitive subject with me. "You have to have flexibility in everything, and you deal with the local club and their prices. So we adjust to that."

Talking about the choice of the Angels for the 2010 game, Selig noted the club's success at the gate and on the field in the five years that Arte Moreno has owned the team.

"Their franchise has really become a model," Selig said. "So when you look at all the confluence of factors, Anaheim became the obvious choice."

Although the Angels still are in a legal battle with Anaheim over Moreno's changing the name from Anaheim Angels to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, he thanked the city for helping to land the All-Star Game.

"As we got closer and closer, we started scrambling around. Hotel rooms, convention center, trying to get everything lined up," Moreno said.

The city is scheduled to go to state appellate court on June 20 in its fight over the 2005 name change.

Moreno said he felt he had to include Los Angeles in the name for marketing purposes.

"It's time to move on," he said.