Two brothers who federal prosecutors say played a part in organizing a violent Utah gang were sentenced to federal prison Wednesday.

Brian Chhoun and Daniel Chhoun were both sentenced to serve several years in federal prison for racketeering and admitting to committing crimes of violence for their gang.

The brothers, along with 12 other men, were indicted in July of last year on racketeering charges for committing an array of violent crimes in support of the Tiny Oriental Posse, or TOP.

Federal prosecutors say TOP members have committed assaults, home-invasion robberies, drug trafficking and even murders to bolster the standing of their gang.

Among their violent acts was the Nov. 7, 1998, fatal shooting of Bethany Hyde. Police say TOP members mistook Hyde's car for that of a rival gang member.

The pair were not directly linked to Hyde's death. Another killer is serving time in prison until 2019 in connection with the her slaying.

The brothers were sentenced as part of plea agreements both struck with the government.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Tena Campbell sentenced Brian Chhoun, 23, to serve almost five years in prison. She then sentenced Daniel Chhoun, 25, to just over five years. Both men were ordered to serve three years on probation after they have completed their sentences and were ordered to have no contact with known gang members.

Defense attorneys for the brothers asked that the two men be housed in the same federal penitentiary so they can have contact with their family and each other.

When asked by the court if they wanted to say anything, Daniel said he had no comment and Brian said he loved his family as their parents looked on in court.

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