It is interesting how many people in Utah feel it is their righteous duty to force others to obey the law. I think of the person who goes exactly 65 mph in the fast lane to force speeders to slow down and obey. Or the person who, when traffic is stopped, will pull over to block someone else from passing them on the shoulder — even if there is an exit just yards ahead. Or the people who will honk, shout or wag their fingers at people (particularly bicyclists) who may not come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Granted, the speeders and passers and stop-sign gliders are all breaking the law, and that is not right. But who is more satanic, the one who willfully disobeys the law or the one who would compel others to obey? Aren't they both just as bad? Wouldn't the true Christian response exclude self-righteous indignation?

Jim Greene