Thirty people turned out Monday for an Ensign Peak Walk-a-thon, raising $1,000 to help supply food, medicine, teachers and other needs to the orphanage in Akobo, Sudan. Some funds also will be used to create wells to supply water to many villages in southern Sudan.

The event, sponsored by the Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club, was the first fundraiser for Southern Sudan Humanitarian, which has set a long-term goal of raising $100,000 to install 100 wells across southern Sudan. Eventually the well-production process will be taught to local families in order to establish local entrepreneurships. The wells also will help farmers provide for themselves during the dry seasons.

Claron Twitchell of Southern Sudan Humanitarian said the event was a great success for the organization. He said he was impressed with the support, especially considering the morning's rainy start.

Scott Jenkins, also of Southern Sudan Humanitarian, said the $1,000 raised will be a great contribution to the orphanage. He said that the money alone will be enough to feed 80 people for two meals a day and provide enough money to pay a teacher's salary for a month.