Among Americans of different faiths, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists tend to have higher levels of education than members of other religious traditions, and they are also the most likely to have a post-graduate degree; nearly half (48%) of Hindus, more than one-third (35%) of Jews and a quarter (26%) of Buddhists have a post-graduate education. Among American Protestants, members of evangelical and historically black churches tend to have lower levels of education compared with those belonging to mainline churches. For instance, nearly six in 10 members of evangelical (56%) and historically black (59%) churches have a high school education or less, compared with 42% among members of mainline churches. Catholics and the unaffiliated closely resemble the general population in terms of education.

The Daily Number is a statistic, updated every weekday and typically drawn from Pew Research Center project findings, that highlights an important trend.

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