I can't help but wonder why it is any of anyone's business at which age I chose to marry. It seems to me a bit like those who jump down my throat when I'm out in public because I have six children and, gasp, am expecting a seventh! "How dare you?" they cry. "Two or three is plenty, I'd never want THAT many!" Well, then I'm glad you stopped at two or three! And oddly, I'd never — nor would I dare to ever — tell you that you were wrong for doing so, because it is your choice.

There are people I know who at just 18 years of age are much more mature than others that I know who are 30. There is no "magic age" at which it is correct for everyone to get married, but I'm glad I found my magic when I did. I'm happy to have started "too young," happy that I'm having my children "too young" and greatly reducing my odds of the many risks that accompany pregnancy as you get older.

When I'm in my 50s, my kids will all be grown and on their own, and my husband and I will have time to go "find ourselves" again while we grow old together. Meanwhile, many of our friends will still be home trying to manage life with kids while old enough to be offered the senior discount!

Catherine Ball

Eagle Mountain