Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband is the perfect name for the Utah group, and with their versatility and having one foot in each genre, it would be hard to call Shupe and the band anything different.

The release of their new album, Last Man Standing, is a testament to their talent and ability to expand musically and challenge listeners to not turn up the volume. Its not rock, its not country and its not bluegrass -- it is all three crammed into one.

Its rootsy because it has the banjo and fiddle, but with kind of a commercial twist to it, Shupe said, and a little more rockin' sound.

With electric guitars, banjos, fiddles and drums, among other instruments, Last Man Standing is their best sounding album yet. At least Shupe says it is, and with Tuesdays release fans will have a chance to find that out for themselves.

I had a chance to speak with Shupe over the phone as he took a few minutes out of his Memorial Day holiday and a family breakfast. While taking a walk down to the market to buy milk, Shupe told me about growing up around music and instruments.

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