Two people who police say were running a drug operation out of the Grand America hotel were arrested after apparently taking a little too much of their own inventory and then calling police on themselves.

A woman, 38, fraudulently obtained a credit card in her mother's name and rented two rooms at Grand America, 555 S. Main, said Salt Lake police detective Jeff Bedard. She set up a drug selling operation with a friend that eventually became so profitable that the group expanded to three rooms.

After two days, however, the drug sellers began using some of their own inventory. That resulted in the duo hallucinating and "making a nuisance of themselves," Bedard said.

The drug-induced couple's strange behavior continued when they called 911. They admitted to responding officers they were selling drugs, Bedard said. One of the suspects even went a step further and admitted to police he had downloaded child porn via the hotel room's free high-speed Internet service, Bedard said.

A detective from the Internet Crimes Against Children task force was called and seized a laptop.

Mark Leavit, 34, was arrested on a warrant and Gina Hogan, who obtained the original credit card, was arrested for investigation of fraud, forgery and drug distribution.