DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, TEGAN AND SARA. Thanksgiving Point. Monday.

LEHI — Chilled fans soaked up the last rays of the setting sun while pouring into Thanksgiving Point for the sold-out Death Cab For Cutie show Monday. The gates were opened at 7 p.m. — two hours later than expected, but the opening band Tegan and Sara opened strong with "Walking With a Ghost" from the "So Jealous" album. The band lead by Tegan and Sara Quin chatted a bit with the audience and got some laughs when they teased keyboardist/guitarist Edward Gowans for putting on a sweatshirt. The sisters' warm charisma almost seemed wasted on a crowd too cold to clap.


The crowd warmed up during the rest of the half-hour set with songs mainly from the albums "The Con" and "So Jealous." The duo quickly thanked the audience for the applause and admited they were rushing through the set.

"We're here to rock, not talk," said Tegan.

Although the crowd was there for Death Cab, Tegan and Sara's quick exit left audience members wanting more of the flare of the Quins' unique vocals.

Death Cab's lead singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard made a subtle entrance with "Bixby Canyon Bridge" from "Narrow Stairs." With his microphone set to the left side of the stage, Gibbard started singing before the crowding fans had a chance to cheer.

The song increased in velocity and volume, with a guitar solo by Chris Walla, and then morphed into the next two songs, "The New Year" and "Why You'd Want to Live Here."

The group, including bassist Nicholas Harmer and drummer Jason McGerr, had a good, clean sound with a mix of a couple drawn out intros and jam sessions. With the colored background and pulsing lights, the show was a sort of modern psychadelic, minus tripped-out fans.

The audience was chill, in more ways than one. Fair to middlin' responses from the crowd were slightly due to the cold. But the sea of swaying people perked up when hits "Soul Meets Body" and "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" were recognized.

Death Cab For Cutie delivered a decent show for fans who seemed be there more to see the band than hear the hits. However, a majority of the audience stuck through the nighttime chill until the venue's curfew.

Rogue Wave was originally part of the concert line-up. But, according to Gibbard, the band couldn't make it due to "circumstances beyond control."

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