Ashley Lowery, Deseret News
Kaisone Phommachauh stands in front of his home in Kearns, where the damage to bedrooms above the garage can be seen.

KEARNS — Two brothers awakened by smoke detectors in their Kearns residence late Monday morning safely escaped before flames engulfed two bedrooms of the multilevel home.

Unified Fire Authority spokesman Chad Simons said the agency responded to the blaze at 5541 W. Wildberry Circle (5950 South) at about 11:30 a.m. and, based on initial fire reports, sent two response teams (two alarms) to battle the fire. Simons said the two bedrooms above a garage at the home were "heavily involved" when crews arrived, but the fire was quickly contained. One of the rooms was occupied before the two men were roused by detectors.

Simons estimates damage at about $50,000. The brothers, ages 18 and 22, were unharmed.