A man being treated for multiple stab wounds received during a bizarre incident Friday night walked away from a local hospital Sunday afternoon and is being sought by police.

Police believe David Oroscu-Garcia, 27, Salt Lake City, was the shooter in a violent exchange that erupted inside a vehicle traveling on Redwood Road Friday. Salt Lake police detective Jeff Bedard said on Friday that police think the driver of the vehicle shot the passenger in the leg during an argument and the passenger responded by stabbing the driver at least five times with a knife. The mayhem caused the car to collide head-on with a minivan that was traveling on Redwood Road near 1000 South.

Following the collision, Oroscu-Garcia fled through a field west of the accident and hid in a gravel pit, where police apprehended him. The passenger, Milton Torres Mencia, was found near the scene when police arrived.

Both Oroscu-Garcia and Mencia were transported to a local hospital in serious condition, while the driver of the van was treated and released Friday evening.

Salt Lake Police Lt. Gary Young said Oroscu-Garcia walked away from the University Medical Center just after 1 p.m. Sunday. The man had initially been placed under guard but, after police identified him, the guard was removed. Young said that Oroscu-Garcia was at the U. hospital for medical testing when he escaped.

Young also noted that neither suspect had cooperated with police in the investigation of the Friday incident and that no charges have been made in the case, though Oroscu-Garcia is still wanted for questioning. The man is believed to still be in very serious condition and requires further medical care.

Police believe Oroscu-Garcia is in the Salt Lake area and are continuing their search.