David V. Bartosiewicz (Readers' Forum, May 24) certainly is entitled to his opinion, but there is no magic age to marry that will ensure a successful union. I was married less than four months after I turned 18 (and no, I didn't "have" to get married). My husband was 19. I can't tell you how many times we were told that getting married was a mistake. On July 20, I will be celebrating my 20th anniversary to my wonderful husband.

Was it a long hard road? You bet it was, just as it is in any marriage. What makes a successful marriage is commitment, not age. Instead of thinking only about ourselves, we thought of each other.

It may come as a surprise to David, but it is possible to "search for independent truth and discover what and who you can become" and still have a happy marriage. If ruining my life includes a loving husband, four great children and a successful business, I am all for it!

Jodie Visker