PROVO — The city administration presented a proclamation to Provo School District teachers during a recent Provo City Council meeting.

It read: "Now, therefore, I, Lewis K. Billings, Mayor of the City of Provo, together with the Municipal Council, publicly proclaim our appreciation to all Provo schoolteachers for their hard work and positive influence on the hearts and minds of all of our youth and do hereby proclaim the appreciation of this community for teachers and their abundant and incredible influence on society."

The proclamation states the effective education and training of its youth and the rising generation is one of the most important functions a society can perform. Teachers have far-reaching impact on individual students as well as the community as a whole, it said. More than 750 teachers in 20 schools in Provo prepare 13,200 students to become productive, responsible and honest citizens, it also said. Teaching requires talent, energy, creativity and devotion, it said.

"All of our lives have been personally influenced by teachers. Each of us have witnessed, time and time again, the influence of a teacher on our children and the very heart of the society in which we live," it stated.

Provo School District Superintendent Randall J. Merrill showed the school board the proclamation at its meeting Wednesday morning and said each board member would receive a copy. "It's a recognition that teachers have such an impact on the development of children in the city," Merrill said. "They wanted to do something special."

Provo Board president Darryl Alder said, "We appreciate them doing that."