PROVO — Along with paying more for gas and food, parents can include an increase in some school fees in their personal budget plans for the upcoming school year.

Each spring, school districts review student fee schedules and make adjustments according to needs and requests from educators.

"We talk with principals about critical needs and receive recommendations," said Scott Wilson, Nebo School District director of secondary education.

Provo School Board approved student fee changes in a meeting Wednesday.

Nebo School Board preliminarily approved student fees last week. District administrators released the finalized fee schedule on Wednesday.

Alpine School Board approved one fee change more than a month ago.

Some fees are for newly implemented programs, such as $15 for workbooks in a Chinese class and $10 for a quilting class at Provo High School. Other fees are simply due to need, such as a $10 fee for late class change at Provo High.

Timpview High School saw a $10 increase in yearbook fees, from $50 to $60. Art class fees at Centennial Middle School went up $1 to $2 depending on the class.

"A lot of it is inflation — just covering costs of supplies," said Provo District business administrator Kerry Smith.

"Nothing seemed excessive," Smith said, of Provo District's overall approved fee schedule.

In Nebo District, driver's education fees went from $75 to $95 "due to the increased cost of fuel and the increased cost of replacing vehicles," Wilson said.

The yearbook fee is up $3 for a total of $38. There is a new science lab fee of $10 for Nebo high school students.

Marching band fees for Nebo high schools jumped from $50 to $90 so as to be comparable to marching band fees statewide, which range from

$120 to $150, Wilson said. Band instructors requested the increase to replace or clean uniforms, and to have professional choreographers to plan shows, as well as costs of travel and competitions, he said.

In Nebo District junior high schools, joining extracurricular clubs will now cost kids $10.

Some line items on Nebo District's student fee schedule can be misleading, such as $120 for Youth Symphony. Wilson explains this is a new item. The Youth Symphony was an independent entity that will now be under the umbrella of the district "for liability purposes and for use of the facilities," he said.

Alpine District's only student fee adjustment is for the drill team, going from $300 to $450, which is comparable to other drill team fees statewide, according to district spokeswoman Rhonda Bromley. "A few years ago they raised cheerleader fees but not for the drill team," she said. "It was very much needed. That hadn't been looked at in years."

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