STANSBURY PARK — Two Salt Lake men are in jail today after leading Tooele County sheriff's deputies on a pair of car chases Saturday morning.

Deputy Shawn Borba said the chase began about 8 a.m. when deputies spotted a man driving a stolen Jeep and attempted to pull the vehicle over in Stansbury Park. The driver did not cooperate and turned into a residential neighborhood.

A Cadillac driven by a friend of the other driver joined in the chase and began pursuing the Jeep and sheriff's vehicle, Borba said.

The driver of the Jeep abandoned the vehicle in a residential neighborhood and hijacked an SUV with a male passenger inside, he said.

The SUV and Cadillac then took off in separate directions, each being chased by law enforcement.

The SUV later collided with another vehicle, and the driver attempted to flee on foot. Sheriff's deputies caught up to the man and arrested him. The Stansbury Park resident in the SUV was not injured, Borba said.

The pursuit of the Cadillac ended about the same time when the car ran into a fence. That driver also was arrested.

The two men were booked into the Tooele County Jail.