The owner of a Salt Lake armored-car service that handles cash for Utah liquor stores was charged in 3rd District Court Friday with a second-degree felony in connection with more than $47,000 in missing money.

Ron S. Nielson, the owner of Galleon Armored Car & Security Inc., was charged with unlawful dealing of property by a fiduciary after Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control officials discovered six missing deposits that were handled by Nielson's company. The missing deposits were from pickups made between November 2007 and January 2008.

Court documents indicate that the UDABC confronted Nielson earlier in 2007 about $65,000 in missing receipts, and the funds were "found" and returned with an explanation from Nielson that "business and personal reverses" had "caused him to lose adequate controls on Galleon."

A search warrant served in March 2008 uncovered a UDABC deposit bag in Galleon's vault that had been slit open.