Utah Highway Patrol responded to two separate accidents occurring within a relatively short stretch of state Route 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon Friday evening.

Two helicopters were dispatched to the more serious of the two accidents. In that accident, a car with five occupants was traveling west near mile marker 203 or 204 when the driver lost control and ran off the road, causing the vehicle to roll over. Highway patrol said excessive speed and wet roads were to blame in the accident.

After the car had settled, all five occupants got out of the car unhurt. Another car, however, also traveling too fast, police said, hit four of the first car's occupants, injuring all four. One person was airlifted to the University of Utah, another to the Utah Valley Medical Center, one was transported by ambulance to Utah Valley and the fourth was not transported. The woman driving the second car was also taken by ambulance to Utah Valley along with her daughter who was in the car, although the daughter was uninjured.

The second, and less serious of the two accidents, involved a semitrailer truck and three cars near mile marker 201. None of the occupants of any of the vehicles were injured. Troopers closed down the highway in both directions for almost 40 minutes while crew cleaned up the two accidents.