It's that frustrating time of year again. School is technically in session until the end of May, but some of the teachers stopped teaching a couple of weeks ago. With the core tests over, my eighth-grader's science teacher completely ran out of scientific knowledge to share with his class. He is now relying on Hollywood to teach them.

He's not alone. In the last two weeks my son has watched four movies, and they weren't the educational kind. It's not much better at the high school. For some reason, the students needed to watch a movie in study hall instead of studying for finals.

Some of my children's teachers are doing an excellent job of continuing to teach through the end of the year. My first-grader is really enjoying the butterfly unit in her class. My fourth-grader is learning all about different careers. My 12th-grader had an essay due today in his AP English class. I just wish every teacher were as motivated to use this valuable time.

Paula Bergeson