PROVO — The digging for the body of Kiplyn Davis in Spanish Fork Canyon has been called off after officials received information that discredits their initial tip, prosecutors said.

"As a result of the new information, the search efforts will be terminated and unless new information is received, there is no plan to conduct any further operations at this location," according to a release from the Utah County Attorney's Office late Friday afternoon.

Kiplyn Davis, 15, disappeared from Spanish Fork High School May 2, 1995.

Two of her classmates, Timmy Brent Olsen and Christopher Jeppson, have been charged in 4th District Court with her murder.

Both men have allegedly told several people that they killed the teen and disposed of her body; however, their stories vary and have referred to many locations in Spanish Fork and up Spanish Fork Canyon.

Officials, acting on what was then deemed credible information, began digging at the Spanish Fork River Park near the "train tunnels" in mid-April.

Prosecutor Sherry Ragan said that during the digging process, crews pulled out things that were "suspicious in nature" — mostly bones.

"They've all been identified as deer, squirrel, birds, rabbits," Ragan said. "There's nothing left to be identified."

Weather had been delaying the digging this week but the new information will stop digging all together, Ragan said. She declined to comment about where the information came from or what it entailed.

"The officers were getting concerned," Ragan said. "We'd been spending a lot of money up there for quite a while. (Plus) a lot of manpower, volunteers."

Although this tip turned out to be a dead end, prosecutors and officials still encourage people with information to come forward.

"We evaluate the source," Ragan said. "If it's an anonymous source it's not as credible as if we knew the person and knew they had a reason to know stuff like that."

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