JetBlue Airlines is canceling two daily routes to California out of Salt Lake City International Airport, partly because of rising oil prices.

Flights from Salt Lake to San Francisco and Burbank, Calif., will cease beginning July 7.

"Since their launch last year, and with the environment of $130 (a barrel) oil, we simply can't maintain the routes, as they are unprofitable," spokeswoman Alison Eshelman said Friday. "Both routes underperformed our expectations."

Passengers who have booked flights departing after July 7 can rebook to Long Beach instead of Burbank, Calif., or to Oakland, Calif., instead of San Francisco — or receive a refund, Eshelman said.

The airline is contacting impacted passengers, Eshelman said. She did not know how many customers that would be. She said the company does not report how much money will be saved through the changes.