ROOSEVELT — Police say a 57-year-old man told them he robbed a convenience store at gunpoint while he was experiencing a medication-induced blackout.

According to Roosevelt Police Chief Rick Harrison, Roger Duane Horrocks walked up to the drive-through window of the Western Petroleum convenience store at 120 S. 200 East at 9 p.m. Tuesday, pointed a .22-caliber rifle at the clerk, and demanded money.

Harrison said the clerk, whose husband was in the store at the time, handed over the money in her till to Horrocks, who then walked away from the window. The chief said the woman hit the store's panic alarm, which alerted officers to the robbery.

Two officers spotted Horrocks about 20 minutes later in the parking lot of an LDS church near the store and detained him. Harrison said the officers took Horrocks back to the convenience store, where the clerk and her husband identified him by sight and voice.

"He has a distinct voice," Harrison said, noting that Horrocks suffered a stroke several years ago that affected his speech.

Investigators went to Horrocks' home and spotted the barrel of a rifle inside his truck, Harrison said. They also saw a pair of sunglasses on the truck's dashboard that matched the description of the glasses the clerk said the robber was wearing.

Harrison said Horrocks admitted to committing the robbery after about two hours of questioning.

"He said he must have blacked out from the medication he's on and did it while he was blacked out," the chief said.

Horrocks gave police permission to enter his truck and Harrison said officers recovered the sunglasses and the gun barrel and action of a .22 rifle.

"It would have fired," Harrison said of the stock-less weapon. "He wouldn't have been able to shoot it very straight, but at close range I guess that doesn't matter."

Police say they found money allegedly taken from the convenience store in Horrocks' home the following day after his wife gave them permission to search.

Asked about the last time a business in Roosevelt was held up at gunpoint, Harrison said, "It's been quite a while."

"I can't even remember," he added. "We don't have armed robberies very often."

Horrocks was booked into the Duchesne County Jail. He is charged with aggravated robbery, unlawfully possessing a firearm and theft. He will make his first court appearance May 27.

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