Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Indiana Green, named after Indiana Jones, shows off his skills with a whip. Green went to see "Crystal Skull" for his birthday.

OREM — He hates snakes, looks smashing in a wide-brimmed fedora and has a knack for stumbling upon adventure.

"It's nice to meet you," he says, gravely sticking out his hand. "I'm Indiana."

Indiana Jones, the star of the classic film series? No, Indiana Green, the first grader from Orem.

"All the kids at school keep on saying they're jealous because they think I'm famous," Indiana said. "But I'm really not famous."

Indiana turned 7 Thursday, the day "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" hit theaters.

When his father asked him what he wanted for his birthday this year, Indiana answered without hesitation: "Anything Indiana Jones."

"The heavens just aligned for this little kid," said Indiana's father, Brent Green, 33. "I mean, we had no idea they'd even make another Indiana Jones movie when we named him. What are the chances it would open on his birthday?"

Thursday was all about Indiana. He ate pancakes shaped as snakes and fedora hats. As gifts, he received all three original Indiana Jones movies on DVD and a set of Indiana Jones action figures. His birthday cake was frosted to look like Indiana Jones.

And, of course, he went to see the new movie.

"It's very, very, very, very funny," said the little boy, who dressed in khaki, a miniature fedora and dark brown "Indy boots" for the occasion. "It's so cool."

Parts of the movie were "too scary," Indiana said, so he had to cover his eyes. His parents keep tabs on the violence he is allowed to view at home, too. Indiana's never seen the end of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

"I closed my eyes and covered them up with my hands, just in case there was holes in my fingers," Indiana said.

But even though he's missed parts, Indiana can quote the movies better than his mother — which is no small feat. Mandy Green, 35, has been an Indiana Jones fan since she discovered the movies as an 8-year-old.

"Indiana Jones is good looking, but he's adventurous and smart," Mandy Green said. "He's kind of a humble guy, but when he needs to ante up, he can kick anyone's butt. He's basically the ultimate package."

The decision to name Indiana after the quick-thinking adventurer she'd admired as a girl wasn't premeditated, however. The couple had planned to call their baby boy Henry Alden, after his two grandfathers. Just before they signed the birth certificate, Mandy Green gave her husband "the look."

"Let's call him Indiana," she said.

"OK," her husband answered. He was just glad his wife didn't ask to call the little boy after the other Harrison Ford character she admired — Han Solo, from "Star Wars."

The Greens don't mind that their son looks up to Indiana Jones, they said. He's a good, smart man who makes learning look like fun.

They just smile when Indiana digs for artifacts in the vacant lot next to their home and practices cracking his bullwhip.

"I like a name that fits a personality," Mandy Green said. "My Indiana loves an adventure."

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