VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A group of women ski jumpers suing the Vancouver organizing committee for the 2010 Winter Olympics said Thursday if they are denied the right to participate in the Games, so too should the men competing.

The women ski jumpers say not being included in the Games is a violation of the women's rights under Canada's bill of rights.

The lawsuit, filed in B.C. Supreme Court, says the failure to include a women's ski jumping event in the Games is discriminatory and based on stereotypes of the types of activities suitable for women.

"Little girls I'm working with don't understand why they can't grow up to be in the Olympics," said Karla Keck, the retired American ski jumper who said she left the sport because she ran out of competitive opportunities. "I don't believe they should be asking this question in this day and age."

The IOC voted in 2006 not to allow women's ski jumping into the 2010 Games, saying the sport has not developed enough and that it didn't meet basic criteria for inclusion.